Tree Plantation

Together, let's cultivate a future where forests flourish, providing clean air, shade, and homes for countless species.

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Tree Plantation Details

Terms & Conditions :-

✓ This is a Tree Plantation camp and not a leisure tour, so we expect a high level of discipline.

✓ Participants will have to follow the instructions clearly given by the volunteer/guide, Misbehave/Arguing with the volunteers/guide/instructors will be considered as disciplinary issues.

✓ Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco & Abusive Language are strictly prohibited and if anyone found a suspect in such cases, the participation will be terminated and no further service/return traveling/refund will be offered then after.

✓ Punctuality is taken as a serious matter.

✓ In case of unforeseen conditions, the schedule/itinerary can be modified/canceled.

✓ Adventure Trails reserves all rights to cancel/shorten/modify the itinerary, and the final decision is authorized with the trustee team​.